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I was placing in 5th & 6th with my Intrepid chassis in SuperKarting, I brought a new MS Kart 30mm Blue Falcon Rotax chassis & moved up to 1st & 2nd places. My lap times dropped & my driving improved all with the same engine.

I decided to move up a class this year so I brought a factory second MS Kart 30mm Blue Falcon DD2 Chassis. 

Then after talking to Tony from TCB Motorsport we decided to bring in the new MS Kart 32mm Blue Swift EVO DD2 chassis for me. WOW, I can not recommend the MS Kart chassis enough, it is so easy to use and to set up.

I have had only the best service from the local MS Kart chassis supplier, Tony from TCB Motorsport. He makes you feel like you are one of the family & nothing is to much trouble to him. He carries all the spears you will ever need and He's always happy to help with tips & setup advice.

Ricky L - Whakatane NZ

When I started karting I was running an arrow chassis, always running at the back of the field. When I wanted to change classes TCB Motorsport offered me an MS Kart with a Rotax max for a good price & supplied me with all the spares I needed to get started. 

I have since upgraded to the MS Kart Blue Falcon chassis & moved up in the field inside of the top 10. After working with TCB Motorsport and all the information handed on to me from tony and other ms drivers I was moving up in to the top 5 each meeting.

While running the Rotax TCB Motorsport was building my engines, always had the parts in stock and ready to rebuild.

 After winning the points round at EBOP I decided to change classes to the Club Sport 120, My first year in the class showed few top 10 finishes, As I got to know the engine I was able to get the package working and the podium finishes are now a regular event.

I will always be happy to work and deal with TCB Motorsport and recommend them to anyone.

Mark R - Tauranga