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About MS Karts

The company MS Kart s.r.o. - Manufacturer of Go-Kart chassis - has been owned and run since its inception in 1992, by successful go-kart racer Milan Šimák, who has been active in go-kart racing since 1968.


The firm is based in a newly constructed complex in Prachatice, Czech Republic. Right next door is based MS KART racing team s.r.o. a sister company whose main role is to complete and promote their products in national and international races  

With this extremely important and up to date information the two companies constantly develop and improve the performance and quality of their products.

Currently MS KART employs 26 people and manufacturers between 800 and 1000 chassis annually. Most chassis 400 - 500 are manufactured directly for racing and are internationally certified by CIK.  

 Another 300 chassis per year are manufactured for what is called the Junior and Hobby class. The last type of chassis that is manufactured is for the rental market. Thanks to the ever increasing world wide popularity of go-karting and the opening of many new go-karting facilities in Czech Republic. MS KART now supplies about 200 chassis annually to rental companies.

Thanks to a large distributor base and an active company expansion program, the company has been growing each year since its inception. MS KART chassis are sold in most European countries, USA, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. 

The vast majority of components are manufactured onsite directly in the MS KART factory, only a few components are brought in from outside contractors.

The high quality of MS KART products, place it amongst the most sought after manufacturers of go-kart chassis in the world.