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002F/G MS Kart Blue Phoenix 30mm or Blue Swift 32mm Basic Chassis

002F/G MS Kart Blue Phoenix 30mm or Blue Swift 32mm Basic Chassis

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MS Kart Blue Phoenix 30mm or Blue Swift 32mm Basic Chassis,

Comes as Standard package including:

  • Blue Painted Frame (Black & No Paint Optional)
  • Black KG 506 Front Spoiler & Nassau Panel + DUO Evo Side Pods (Blue Optional)
  • MS53 Medium Rear Axle (MS38 Soft & MS67 Hard Optional)
  • 98mm Aluminium Rear Hubs (78mm & 120mm and/or Magnesium Optional)
  • Aluminium Sprocket Carrier (Magnesium Optional)
  • Aluminium Rear Axle Bearing Holders (Magnesium Optional)
  • Tube Style Brake & Throttle Pedals (Roller Bearing Supported Billet Aluminium Optional)
  • Straight Aluminium Steering Wheel Boss
  • Aluminum Floor Tray (Carbon Optional)
  • 78mm Aluminium Front Hubs (98mm and/or Magnesium Optional)
  • Standard MS King Pin Eccentrics (SNIPER Camber/Caster Adjusters Optional but Highly Recommended)
  •  KG MS Kart Le Mans Blue-White-Black Steering wheel with MyChron 5 Modification (Telemetry Bracket Optional)
  • MS Kart Fiberglass Seat, Available in S-29cm / MS-30.5cm / ML-31.5cm / L-34cm / XL-35.5cm / XXL-36.5cm (Optional Fiberglass 1/4 Covered, Combo Fiberglass/Carbon, Or Full Carbon)
  • DWT Aluminium Rims 130mm Front & 210mm Rear (Optional DWT Low Volume Magnesium Rims 132mm Front & 214mm Rear)
  • Optional Disc Brake Protector (Highly Recommended)
  • S-222 Standard Brake Pads (S-273 Soft & S-214 Hard Optional)
  • Standard Steel Rear Bumper (Steel Wide Bumper / Plastic Rear Bumper / Adjustable RS3 Plastic Rear Bumper Optional)
  • Rotax Style of KF Style Exhaust Mounting

Other Optional Items are:

  • Righetti Ridolfi or TILLETT Plastic Chain Guard
  • Chassis Accessory Kits (Kit No.3 Recommended)
  • Aluminium Adjustable Foot Rest
  • Pedal Extension Kit
  • Seat Stays (265mm, 290mm, Bent 315mm, Bent 345mm, 375mm & Bent Rotax Max)
  • Aluminium Roller Bearing Steering Shaft Mounting Support


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