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002F/G MS Kart Blue Phoenix 30mm or Blue Swift 32mm Basic Chassis

002F/G MS Kart Blue Phoenix 30mm or Blue Swift 32mm Basic Chassis

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POA: Chassis are hand made to order and priced based on specs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


MS Kart Blue Phoenix 30mm or Blue Swift 32mm Basic Chassis,

Comes as Standard package including:

  • Blue Painted Frame (Black & No Paint Optional)
  • Black KG 506 Front Spoiler & Nassau Panel + DUO Evo Side Pods (Blue Optional)
  • MS53 Medium Rear Axle (MS38 Soft & MS67 Hard Optional)
  • 98mm Aluminum Rear Hubs (78mm & 120mm and/or Magnesium Optional)
  • Aluminum Sprocket Carrier (Magnesium Optional)
  • Aluminum Rear Axle Bearing Holders (Magnesium Optional)
  • Tube Style Brake & Throttle Pedals (Roller Bearing Supported Billet Aluminum Optional)
  • Straight Aluminum Steering Wheel Boss
  • Aluminum Floor Tray (Carbon Optional)
  • 78mm Aluminum Front Hubs (98mm and/or Magnesium Optional)
  • Standard MS King Pin Eccentrics (SNIPER Camber/Caster Adjusters Optional but Highly Recommended)
  •  KG MS Kart Le Mans Blue-White-Black Steering wheel with MyChron 5 Modification (Telemetry Bracket Optional)
  • MS Kart Fiberglass Seat, Available in S-29cm / MS-30.5cm / ML-31.5cm / L-34cm / XL-35.5cm / XXL-36.5cm (Optional Fiberglass 1/4 Covered, Combo Fiberglass/Carbon, Or Full Carbon)
  • DWT Aluminum Rims 130mm Front & 210mm Rear (Optional DWT Low Volume Magnesium Rims 132mm Front & 214mm Rear)
  • Optional Disc Brake Protector (Highly Recommended)
  • S-222 Standard Brake Pads (S-273 Soft & S-214 Hard Optional)
  • Standard Steel Rear Bumper (Steel Wide Bumper / Plastic Rear Bumper / Adjustable RS3 Plastic Rear Bumper Optional)
  • Rotax Style of KF Style Exhaust Mounting

Other Optional Items are:

  • Righetti Ridolfi or TILLETT Plastic Chain Guard
  • Chassis Accessory Kits (Kit No.3 Recommended)
  • Aluminum Adjustable Foot Rest
  • Pedal Extension Kit
  • Seat Stays (265mm, 290mm, Bent 315mm, Bent 345mm, 375mm & Bent Rotax Max)
  • Aluminum Roller Bearing Steering Shaft Mounting Support


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