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Douglas DWT Aluminum Wheels

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Douglas DWT Litecast Aluminum Wheels


  • Stainless steel bead screws installed at no extra charge.
  • High quality valve stems. Exceeds all CIK (worldwide design standards).
  • New magnesium alloy with higher impact strength.
  • Designed for easier tire mounting.
  • FIA / CIK required lock nuts and instructions included with each individual wheel or two wheel set.

• 5" x 130mm Front Bolt-On
• 5" x 130mm Front 17mm Spindle Mount
• 5" x 180mm Rear Bolt On


The same quality, strength, and design as you’ll find in our classic M-Series magnesium kart racing wheels but cast in aluminum for those non magnesium kart racing applications. Also Great For Club and Rain.


Price is per Wheel